Friday, 26 June 2015


At the end of last year I signed up for a Tourist Guide course. Over the last six months I have swayed from both loving and hating the choice I made. The wealth of information awaiting you is enough to wet your appetite of an evening, so even if it was cold, wet and miserable, the incentive to go to lessons  was there. Travelling to the school during the winter months across Alta Langa was no joke, most evenings were so thick with fog that the 50 kilometer drive could take nearly two hours to complete....that's just one way. Often I would count to 10 aloud, with the car window open to keep me from falling asleep. 
Just like the fog, the course was THICK with dates, names and terms on subjects that ranged from geology to legislation, from history to genealogy, from regional traditions to geography...beyond anything that made any sense to me -considering this was a six months course. I struggled with language and with being understood. All of a sudden I felt like a foreigner in Italy, after 25 years!  This wasn't what I had hoped.. at all! 
With a massive dose of self-inflicted torture however I HAVE FINISHED! I am free!
So here's me doing a little virtual "thank-you" dance to Fortune for letting me out alive💃 
Now back to my brushes...and "seeing" with my eyes again!